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Backflow Testing

If you have a backflow prevention device installed in your home or business in LA, it’s important to have it tested at least once a year. This is required by law, in many cases, and also helps you keep your clean water clean.

At Kirman Plumbing Company, we are a certified backflow tester in Los Angeles. Call us anytime you need to have your backflow prevention device tested. Our Los Angeles plumbers will be there soon and we’ll get you the documentation you need!

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What is Backflow Testing in Los Angeles?

You don’t want dirty water to mix with clean water in your home or business. Imagine if the water that flows out of a dishwasher ended up in the fresh water supply. Yuck!

Backflow prevention devices in Los Angeles stop this from happening. They make sure that the water in a particular pipe only flows one way: in or out.

Backflow preventer testing in Los Angeles simply ensures that this device is working. It is an easy way to ensure that there’s no cross contamination and that the water you’re relying on is clean and clear.

Certified Backflow Tester in Los Angeles

You need to have your backflow device tested at least once a year, as required by California law. This testing must be performed by a certified backflow tester in Los Angeles, to make sure the process is completed correctly and registered officially.

At Kirman, our Los Angeles plumbers have this certification. Call us for your annual backflow testing. We can also put you on our schedule once each year so you don’t have to worry about making the appointment.

Backflow Preventer Testing in Los Angeles

Our certified backflow testers are all up to date on the latest technology, so they can quickly and effectively perform your backflow preventer testing in Los Angeles. They’ll work fast so you can get the certification – and the assurance – that you need.

Call us today to get your backflow testing completed soon. We’ll get to you ASAP, because we know you’re relying on us to keep your water clean and so you can get your certification filed with the state on time.

At Kirman Plumbing Company, our experts will work fast. We appreciate that you don’t have all day, so we’ll run our tests fast and let you know what we find. If you need to have your backflow device rebuilt, we’ll take care of that, too. Make your appointment today!