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Los Angeles Septic Systems

Do you rely on a septic system? While most homes in LA are connected to the city’s sewer line, some older homes or homes in more remote areas still rely on septic systems. At Kirman Plumbing Company, we can work on these systems and always stay in line with Los Angeles County septic tank requirements, too.

Make sure you tell us you’re on a septic system instead of the Los Angeles sewer when you call us. That way, we can get the right plumber to your home and get your system working well again soon.

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Services for Your Septic System in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles plumbers offer a complete line of services for your septic system.

If your system isn’t working, we’ll get your septic repair completed fast. We’ll assess your system, figure out why it isn’t working well, and do everything we can to get it fully functional again soon.

If you need a new septic  tank installation in Los Angeles, or a new septic tank, we’ll match you with the best options for your needs. We’ll install them, too, and make sure your system is working well before we leave.

We’ll handle your septic tank cleaning in Los Angeles, too. Get all that sludge out of your system so it will work well and continue to do so for many years. We’ll work fast so we can get the job done ASAP and get out of your way.

Do you need other septic tank pumping in Los Angeles? Our experts have you covered. Call today and we’ll come test your system. We’ll note any repairs that might help it work better and let you know, then get them finished fast.

There’s nothing we won’t do when it comes to caring for your septic system!

Call for Septic Services in LA Today!

At Kirman Plumbing Company, our experts know septic systems inside and out, and they know the Los Angeles County septic system requirements, too. They’ll make sure your system is in great shape, no matter what.

If you need upgrades to meet the Los Angeles County septic tank requirements, we’ll always let you know and get those scheduled as soon as possible. We can also talk about connecting you to the sewer system, if you’d rather take that route.

In short, we can handle all of the issues surrounding your septic system. Call us today and meet with one of our Los Angeles sewer and septic experts ASAP.