Common Plumbing Problems We See in Los Angeles

Here at Kirman Plumbing Company, we have seen every plumbing problem that Los Angeles can throw at us. However, there are some that we see a lot more than others! Here are the most common plumbing repairs in Los Angeles!

Clogged Toilets

When toilets clog and you can’t get them unclogged with a plunger, it’s time to call for help. Our team will get to you fast and figure out why you can’t use your toilet like normal. We’ll get rid of the clog and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that it won’t come back. Your toilet will be flushing normally again soon.

No Hot Water

When you don’t have hot water, you’re in trouble. Even if you don’t rely on it very often, you need to have hot water for those moments when it’s required. Hot water is especially essential for washing clothes, dishes, and even people. Our team will fix your water heater fast so you’ll have all the hot water you could ever need or want.

Toilets that Won’t Stop Running

You might not think much about a running toilet, but you can use quite a bit of excess water that way. We’ll figure out if your toilet has a hidden leak, a broken flapper, or another problem, then get it fixed fast. No matter what it takes, we’ll make sure you have full use of your toilet again as soon as possible.

Lack of Water Pressure

Sometimes, you don’t notice low water pressure until, suddenly, it’s a major problem. If your water pressure is too low, you won’t be able to shower well, flush your toilets, and more. We’ll figure out why your water pressure is low and fix the problem so you’ll be able to use your water normally again soon

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can be a major problem. If you can’t resolve a clog on your own or it keeps coming back, call us right away. We’ll find the source of the clog and remove it quickly so your water and waste will drain normally again. You might even want to call an emergency plumber in Los Angeles, if your clog occurs outside of regular business hours.

Should I Call a Plumber?

We talk to a lot of people who aren’t sure if they should call a plumber. After all, they don’t want to bring in a plumber or an emergency plumber in Los Angeles, only to find out that their issue wasn’t such a big deal.

If you’re asking “Should I call a plumber?” take a look at your situation. If you can’t fix it and it is interfering with your life in a major way, call for plumbing repair in Los Angeles right away. Similarly, if the problem is doing damage (like water and/or sewage are spilling into your space), you need plumbing help ASAP.

Whenever you need us, our plumbers from Kirman Plumbing Company will be there for you. We’ll get there fast, figure out what’s wrong, and start your plumbing repair in Los Angeles right away.

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