Why You Need Backflow Testing in California

Have you heard of backflow testing but you’re not sure if you want to get it done? Does hiring a certified backflow tester in Los Angeles seem like a waste of money.

Here’s what you need to know about backflow and backflow prevention to decide if signing up for testing is right for you. If you decide it is, call us at Kirman Plumbing Company today and ask us about backflow prevention testing in Los Angeles.

What is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when dirty water from your home flows backwards through your plumbing system instead of forwards. This means that it contaminates the water supply, not only for your home but for homes around yours, too.

Backflow happens when your plumbing system loses pressure. This can occur because of earthquakes, breaks in the plumbing lines (not necessarily just the ones in your house), citywide sewer maintenance, pump failures, changes you make to your plumbing, and more.

How is Backflow Prevented?

Most homes in your area have backflow prevention devices installed in the plumbing system. These are designed to help your plumbing system maintain pressure, even if one of the events outlined above occurs.

However, these devices need to be tested regularly. Backflow testing in Los Angeles is the only way to reliably ensure that these devices are working the way they were designed to. Fortunately, backflow testing can easily be incorporated into a standard plumbing inspection or plumbing maintenance visit.

Do I Really Need Backflow Testing?

The state’s health department has determined that backflow prevention testing in Los Angeles is essential to maintaining the health of our water supply. Whether you are concerned or not, you need to comply with this law in order to avoid fines and other problems.

You will need to hire a certified backflow tester in Los Angeles. We have many on staff at Kirman, and we would be happy to send one out to your home as soon as possible. Our tester will complete all necessary testing and file the required paperwork with the state to show that your system has been checked and that it is in compliance.

Outside of the state’s requirements, backflow testing in Los Angeles ensures that your home has a clean water supply. Since you and your family drink this water every day, it makes sense that you would want to get this testing done.

Call us at Kirman today to schedule your backflow testing in Los Angeles soon!