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Sewer Location Services

Before you do any sort of project that requires digging, make sure you know where your Los Angeles sewer line is located. You’ll also need a plumber to locate your sewer line before you plant any major trees or shrubs, or before you have sewer work done on your home.

Our team at Kirman Plumbing specializes in sewer line location in Los Angeles, and will get to you fast and find your Los Angeles sewer line. We’ll mark it for you and show you where it runs, too, so you’ll be able to make informed decisions about digging, repair work, sewer replacement, and planting.

sewer location services in los angeles
Need a Sewer Line Located in LA?

You might need sewer line location in Los Angeles if:

  • You are planning a home renovation project, or any other project that involves digging in your yard. Make absolutely sure you don’t damage your sewer line in the process when you know exactly where it runs before you begin.
  • You are landscaping your yard. You don’t want to plant trees or large shrubs near your sewer line, because their roots might grow into the line and cause all sorts of problems later on. Know where your lines run so you can plan well.
  • You need to have sewer repairs performed. Make sure your dig team digs in the right place by locating your sewer before they start. That way, they won’t have to dig up your yard until they find the line, because they’ll already know where it is.
Expert Sewer Locating in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles sewer location experts use top of the line equipment so they can find your line quickly and mark its location accurately. They are continually updating their training so they can use the latest methods and technologies, all of which improve the service they offer you.

When it comes to sewer line location in Los Angeles, you want to work with people who know what they are doing and who appreciate how their work helps you. Our Los Angeles sewer professionals understand that you rely on them to do their jobs well, so they strive for perfection and excellence every time they locate a line.

Contact us at Kirman Plumbing Company today and we’ll find your Los Angeles sewer line fast. We’ll work hard so that you can dig and plant soon, or plan your sewer repairs accurately. Stop wondering where your sewer line runs and call us today!