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Kirman Plumbing Company

Plumbing Video Inspection Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Sewer Video Inspections

When you want to find out what is going on inside your sewer line without digging it up, reach out to us at Kirman Plumbing Company. We’ll send out a Los Angeles plumber to take a look down your lines.

sewer location services in los angeles
What is a Sewer Video Inspection in LA?

When you call our commercial plumbing experts and ask us for a sewer line camera inspection in Los Angeles, we’ll come to your home and bring a video camera on a flexible cable. We’ll thread this cable down through your sewer line, via the access hatch in your basement or in your yard.

Our camera gives us a 360-degree view of your entire sewer line, from where it begins in your home to where it connects to the city’s line in the street. This view allows us to see cracks and breaks in the line, as well as clogs, tree roots, and more.

When to Call for Plumbing Video Inspection in Los Angeles

Call us for a sewer line video inspection in Los Angeles when:

  • You are buying new property. Make sure that the sewer is in good shape before you put your money down by ordering a sewer inspection in Los Angeles before you buy. We’ll help you make sure your next investment is a good one.
  • You need to have sewer repairs. Our inspection will tell you what is going on with your sewer line and where the problem is located, so we can plan your repair accordingly. This information helps us get you the best possible repair for your specific needs.
  • You lost something down your sewer line. Sometimes, our camera can find these lost objects and even help us retrieve them for you. Jewelry or other valuables that go down the drain aren’t necessarily lost forever!
  • You want a sewer inspection in Los Angeles, but you don’t want to dig. Check up on your sewer line with our cameras, instead. We’ll let you know the state of your sewer without living even a spoonful of dirt. If you need a sewer repair, we’ll let you know and schedule it soon.

Call your Los Angeles commercial plumbing experts from Kirman Plumbing Company today. We’ll get to you soon with our camera in tow and get you the images of your sewer line that you need. It doesn’t matter why you’re calling for a sewer camera inspection; we’ll get the job done fast!